Saint Jerome translated the Bible into Latin and is the Patron Saint of translators.
Saint Jerome translated the Bible into Latin and has been ‘protecting’ translators ever since. But how about translation clients? How can they ensure protection against late deliveries, poor quality, overpricing and...stress?
By choosing COM N. Pratsinis – E. Zisimou & Co prts.

Why? Because COM N. Pratsinis – E. Zisimou & Co prts:

     works with a plethora of translators and interpreters who cover a broad range of language combinations and selects from this pool of highly qualified professionals the best suitable translator, depending on the content and style of the original text.

     works with a large network of experts who specialise in different areas for issues pertaining to terminology.

     utilises the latest translation tools and software.

     has been delivering projects on time and within agreed deadlines ever since it was established in 1999, because it respects the customers’ time.

     offers translation solutions tailored to the budget and individual needs of each customer (translations intended for publication, for internal purposes, certified translations etc.) – ensures, above all, flawless customer communication.

     charges per source word in order to provide precise quotes before project completion.

     ensures best quality and value for money – we have our ways..

     maintains client translation files for at least five years, in line with the certified Quality Assurance System guidelines used in the company since 2001.

Ensures confidentiality:
by offering confidentiality agreements (non-disclosure agreements).
Ensures hope:
By offering special prices for socially vulnerable groups.

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